Adventure Around da Island
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Adventure Around da Island

The only time people go “Around da Island” (of Oahu) is if they are tourists, a relative/friend from Oahu native, car cruise, or just because. For my friends and I, our reason for going around the island was “just because”. We started bright and early at 8AM so that way we can eat breakfast as … Continue reading

Hello Again…
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Hello Again…

Well this is embarrassing… I haven’t blogged since December. I have a feeling it’s because camera is currently broken. So I definitely need to get that sent for repair soon. To sum things up for the things that happened in my life since my last post…. December: –Watched my 1st Korean Movie: “200 Pound Beauty” … Continue reading

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New York Street Art

I’ve been getting around in New York by foot and by trains. I’m a fan of graffiti/street art and along my journey, I’ve found some pretty cool stuffs that I needed to take picture of because I appreciated its randomness. I took majority pictures of sticker bombings because¬† I did a lot of walking throughout … Continue reading

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North Carolina: Day 4 (Last day)

Soo here is the FINAL posting for my trip to North Carolina! Gonna keep this short with words & more of pictures again. Thursday, September 22, 2011 Agenda Cotton Inc Tc2 (square) Airport ________________________________________ COTTON INC. Fun Fact: Cotton inc is a NOT FOR PROFIT Organization!!!!! When they said that I was like, omg? “how … Continue reading