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Melrose Adventure: My Little Pony Project

Since I’m working Monday-Friday, I try to squeeze in all my adventure on the weekends. So not only did I go to Olvera Street for Cinco De Mayo, I made my way to Melrose to go to the “My Little Pony Project” opening at Toy Art Gallery. I randomly found that event the night before the opening and definitely wanted to go, especially when it’s free and on Melrose Ave.

Despite getting off the wrong bus stop and walked about 24 blocks to get to the Toy Art Gallery, me and my friends still had a good time along the way. The 1st 10 blocks felt like forever, but I can say that I had my exercise for the day.

FYI: Visit Toy Art Gallery for the “My Little Pony Project”! You will be in “awwwwww”, seriously! It ends May 26, so while you do some shopping at Melrose, Check the gallery out!

Here’s pictures from the beginning of the Melrose Adventure!

I like standing in middle of streets and taking pictures. lol

Our 1st random destination that we stumbled into was a Comic Book store…

I ❤ starwars!

This is the first comic book store that I’ve been to… and I felt so out of place! 😦  I didn’t know where to start. Deep inside, I wish I knew what I was looking at. haha.

While in there, all I kept thinking of was Big Bang Theory because they always visited the comic book store.

Got FREE SWAGG!!! Yay! lol. A XXXXL bag and a My Little Pony Key Chain because it was part of a “scavenger Hunt”

Toy Art Gallery

My Little Pony Project Event

I liked this pony…

I liked this pony…

I’m not feeling Pereze Hiltons pony. haha

Didn’t know which CAKE POP to choose! They had red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla…

OMG, those CAKE POPS were tooo cute to eat, but it was soo good!

Christy Carlson Romano was in the building! haha, I’m not sure if a lot of people noticed her, but she’s like the celeb from our time, during those Even Stevens and Kim Possible days. lol

Christy’s so nice (:

I loved this Pony! Soo much cute details!

I love this Pony too!

So that was pretty much the whole Toy Art Gallery…

We went to Munky King, so could get some free swag. Sadly we didn’t get to get those DIY pony, but at least Elaine got her Big Pony Bag.

Haha… Justin Bieber!  I think they should make a new one with how he looks now, especially from his Boyfriend Music Video. lol

Lady Gaga

After this, we hopped on the bus to go back home because it was a very long adventure and a long day!

This is the BIG my little pony bag we got! Not a lot of people got this bag, but we were awesome and scored some! This bag is definitely going to be my grocery shopping bag. I have a feeling, people would judge me. haha.

Got a handful of fliers so that I can try to have more adventures (:


of an adventurous Cinco De Mayo Day!

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