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DTLA Cinco De Mayo

I remember when I first moved to Downtown Los Angeles, while riding the bus, I would pass this one colorful alley. Every time I see that place I would always say that one day I would explore that place. That place is called “Olvera Street“.

I visited Olvera Street this January for the first time because I was in the area with my friends and decided I’d get to finally see what this place was all about. It was a type of Mexican Marketplace with shops and places to eat. I went during a weekday so it wasn’t too crowded.

We practically had the whole place to our self because it wasn’t that busy…

Unlike yesterday, which was Cinco De Mayo. (obviously) haha.

So on Cinco De Mayo, I felt like revisiting Olvera St. because I was craving the best CUSTARD FILLED Churros I’d ever had! (I thought Costco’s Churros were good, but it didn’t compare to a “Filled” Churro. )

Cinco De Mayo was similar to Fiesta Broadway.

Tip: If you are planning to visit Olvera Street for the 1st time, go during the weekday so you can soak up everything that place offers. If you go during festivals, it’s cool too, but it gets very crowded. I’m sure you’d like to have space to look around without having people pushing you go get by.

Here are pictures from my adventure to Olvera Street…

Metro Map.

We had to take the Purple Line to Union Station.

Arriving at Union Station.

This area is pretty famous, people film in here, such as in the movie “Can’t Hardly Wait” with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Mr. Churros, the place where I realized that Churros can come with “Fillings”!

Custard is my favorite! Strawberry is okay if you like strawberry jam.

This place was kind of hidden in the alley, but there was still a long line. Despite the wait, the food was awesome!

Chicken Tamales: $2.50 each!

Asada (Beef) Fries: Worth the 10 minuet wait!

My day wasn’t done after our visit to Cinco De Mayo, I had another adventure…

Melrose for a “My Little Pony Project.”, (click link below)

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