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Random Day in DTLA!

1. Tried to see if my apartment’s nonworking jacuzzi could be used as a pool….& it was a success!

2. Visited one of my favorite places in DTLA, SPRING STREET! (Where the Artwalk takes place.)

3. Went to Syrup to get a drink.

4. Walked towards this guy who was waiting to cross the street wearing all black, slick hair that was combed back, wearing aviator glasses…. He looked at me and I looked at his face… I think he smiled, and once he cross the street, I realized that was NICHOLAS CAGE!!!!!

( well I think. hahaha, but…. this picture below proved that it could be him, by the way he dressed here….! Leather jacket, black pants, & he does have a slick hair back style. lol. )

5. After freaking out that I possibly have been a few feet away from Nicholas, I saw from afar, a bunch of people and booths down the next streets and decided to go towards it.

6. To my surprise, the street was blocked off for an event called “FIESTA BROADWAY”!

7. Scored FREE SWAG!

Here’s pictures from Spring Street and on! (:

Syrup ❤

I think those doughnuts were KrispyKremes!!! I should’ve gotten me some.

Elaine ordered a Peach Italian Soda, I choose the Strawberry Jasmine Tea which is one of their favorite teas.

I like to stand in the middle of the crosswalks and take pictures. lol.

This is one of the Building from 500 Days of Summer! This is the building that Tom would look at sitting down in his favorite spot! ( See picture below)

I actually worked in a pop up shop in that building and didn’t realize that all along, I was working in that building seen in the movie.

That’s the building Nicholas Cage went in, if that was Nicholas Cage. lol.

Got free beans!

Elaine taking pictures with the giant can of bean thing. lol.

That looked soo good!

Didn’t realize what event was going on after 10+  mins of walking down the street, then I saw this sign. lol.

Churros 3 for $5

So worth it!

Love the swirls on buildings.

Realized there was a “Two Boots Pizza” in DTLA! I remember I 1st tried them in NY! It was some good pizza!

All the FREE SWAG me and Elaine got! lol

Happy with my Chris Even Poster :3

Overall, I had one of those pretty darn good random adventurous day!!!

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