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Adventure Around da Island

The only time people go “Around da Island” (of Oahu) is if they are tourists, a relative/friend from Oahu native, car cruise, or just because.

For my friends and I, our reason for going around the island was “just because”.

We started bright and early at 8AM so that way we can eat breakfast as well as finish  early while there is light out.

On an average, it takes about 4 hours to drive ” around the island” unless you take detours to pick something up to eat or get out of the car to take pictures, which we did, but other then that it takes longer if you get lost, obviously. haha.Our time was 7 hours.

Just FYI, you can’t really “go around” the whole Island…  in actuality, you are going around “half” the island.  You could technically sight see around “all” of Oahu, but your trips would include of going to one point and drive back to the main road instead of of going around in one full circle.

Just look at the map that I noted on.

Also this map shows our route around the island.

In the past, when I go around the island, we usually start from Wahiawa (where I’m from) and we go down towards Haleiwa, North Shore side and make our way around. This time, we decided to go from Wahiawa to Honolulu and make our way to the scenic route.

Since Breakfast was in order, after  5+ mins of thinking where we’d eat, my friend spotted “Pancakes & Waffles”.

Tip for a road trip adventure: If you’re on a “whim”, at least figure out where’s a good/new place to eat or research where to go before hand. That way you won’t waste time and gas trying to figure out where to go.

This place had an “Early Bird Special” (left side of picture) which was $3.25 for 2 eggs & 2 buttermilk pancakes… That’s a pretty good deal.  I got the “Mini Breakfast Special” (right side of picture) which was $5.25 for 2 eggs, 2 pancakes and 2 pc bacon.

They also have local favorites such as “Loco Moco” and… whats interesting is that they have fried chicken and waffles, so this place is kind of like “Roscos Chicken and Waffle”.

After breakfast, we started to hit the road…

Driving through CHINA TOWN…

Here’s the famous statue of King Kamehameha. (sorry for the blur)

Heading towards Waikiki, a main tourist location.

The Famous Waikiki Beach

On Waikiki Beach, they “Sunset on the Beach” which is a FREE movie shown on a 30 ft screen (that square in the left of the picture). I haven’t gone to one of those, but it’s pretty popular.

More info:

Usually the rich houses have nice pretty gates such as these.

Typical… Local Surfer walking on the street.

This was our 2ND STOP & the HIGHLIGHT OF OUR DAY!

(You’ll find out in a few seconds..)

“Short Story Time; pictures included” haha

We stopped at one of the “Blowhole” lookouts... So down in the ocean, we saw lots of heads bobbing in the water, obviously surfers. lol. Me and my friends were wondering how they got down there...

Then we saw this guy walking up towards us…

Soooooooo…. We decided to be ADVENTURERS & follow the trail.

At 1st me and my friend Jasmine were skeptical  as Ashley and Leo were ahead of us, but we decided, “we’re on an adventure, so why not?!”…

So we are making our way down… We decide to take off our slippers (aka “flip flops”) for “grip” because one slip and we’d be rolling down the hill, probably seriously hurt or dead. lol.

Ashley way ahead of us…

Slowly taking our time to go down.

Look at the floor, and we’re walking barefoot. Yes, walking down hurts. lol.

This place was steep. Still making our way down.


AND WE’RE HERE!!!!!!!!

This is my view to my right.

My view in front of me…

View to the left

At last, we reach the SOFT & SPARKLY SAND (seriously, Edward Cullen “Sparkly” haha) and our FEET is just soooo happy, especially when we dip it in the refreshing water! (obviously those dog foot prints aren’t ours, but its picture of the sand. lol.) if only it could’ve sparkle just like real life…

We parked up there…. soo LOOK AT THAT STEEPNESS!!! Yeah, we totally accomplished that! lol.

We decided to take picture on this rock thingy.

The cute local boy with the dog  offered to take our picture…

Panorama View of the place!

That place was so pretty!

After a while of taking pictures… we decided to go up.

Going up felt like rock climbing. I had to touch the grown as I walked up because I was afraid of slipping.

Well that was the end of our EPIC mini adventure. lol

Passing Koko Marina side…

The famous Hanauma Bay: That’s where you can go snorkeling with lots of fishes

Making our way to Sandys.

Driving through weaving roads.

Almost close to our next stop…

3RDS STOP: Sandys Beach Park

This beach is usually for surfers & body boarders… or for tanners. lol.

Panorama view of Sandys Beach..

The waves are pretty big and harsh looking.

We are on the road… and passing Makapuu Light house /Beach park and that piece of land is “Rabbit Island“. It’s called that because from afar it looks like a rabbit. This area is where 50 First Dates was filmed... Where Adam Sandler works is called “Sea Life Park”, which was a very popular place when I was younger. They have penguin and dolphin shows.

Passing Sea Life Park…

Heading towards Kailua… I always get lost in Kailua. lol.


Chinamans Hat (that small tiny “Chinamans hat” looking land) lol

To know the story of the “Chinamans Hat” or why we call this land “Chinamans Hat”, Click the link below (:

Our 4TH STOP: Kualoa Ranch

Poor thing, this horse was in the “petting/feeding” area… I’m assuming it was because it was old :c but still it was nice to see the horse up close.

5th stop: La’ie Point

The Famous Waimea Beach


Rainbow Bridge

Matsumoto’s is known for their Shave Ice… usually there’s a big line. Sooo……

I usually go to the NEXT BEST THING…. AOKIS, which is like the next store over…

Even though it’s 25 cents more, the line is way shorter, but it’s still good!

Since we’ve been driving for hours… We were putting of to eat lunch till we reached Haleiwa so we can go to Lanikai Juice & Stortos.

Lanikai Juice

The whole sandwich was $13. Me and Leo shared and got the “Sunset w/ Papaya Seed Sauce” which is one of their top combos.

This sign was in the eating area. Usually signs say “Don’t feed the Birds”, but in Hawaii, we have chickens around. lol.

Finally on our way back to Wahiawa… We’re passing through the Pineapple fields.


I know that was quite a lot, but overall I had a really good time!

If you are ever visiting Oahu, make the chance to go “around the island” it would be worth the time (:

There are more places to visit, me and my friends only went to a few places, but definable buy a map or research places to visit you’ll be fine.

Here’s a link for more information on “Going around the Island”…

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