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Beach Day in Hawaii Nei

A favorite pidgin expression in Hawaii is “Lucky you live Hawaii”.

It pretty much means, “Lucky you live in Hawaii...” haha.

Even though I’m currently living in California, I’m still considered “Lucky” because if I wanted to visit home, I’d be visiting Hawaii.

I’m back in Hawaii to visit the doctor and will possibly do minor surgery, but I’m also using this trip as a mini vacation/break. I’m officially done with college and will start having a “5 days a week” job, so I’m taking this time to relax and have fun before I go back to LA and face my reality of being a little “Miss Independent”.

Here’s some pictures from today’s beach day!

Destination: Ko Olina Beach

(Play this song while you look through my pictures! I just heard it today on the radio. haha)

Since I live in the country, we took the Kunia back roads for a short cut and to avoid traffic.

You can see a peak of Waikiki/Diamond Head.

I love nature!!!

I love big fluffly clouds!!!

I love randomly seeing cows on mountains.

& I love this freeway because the speed limit is 60. That’s the highest speed limit in Hawaii. lol.

Finally we reach our destination!!!

(The only working Train Tracks in Hawaii!)

You can ride with the historic stretch of track west of old Ewa and listen to stories about the history of railroading in Hawaii. I rode it before & it’s pretty cool!

Drove by the NEW Aulani Disney Resort!!!

One day I will rent at room there!

Heading to the lagoon

Went to the Ulua Lagoon because all the other lagoons were full.

If you are planning to go to Ko Olina, just FYI, parking is very limited.

We had to pay 14$ because we didn’t want to deal with waiting for parking spots to open.

The beach was kinda crowded today!

My swimming partner (: haha.

I mean I can swim, but not so great at it.

My 1st homemade Spam Musubi in forever!!! haha.

We realize we didn’t have the Musubi maker, so  we just made it work.

For those of you who aren’t from Hawaii, “Musubi” is a popular snack and lunch food in Hawaii composed of grilled Spam, white rice, and Nori (Seaweed) Sheets.

A link on a pretty good Spam Musubi Recipe…

At Ko Olina, lots of people gets married there. Usually I see Japaneses couples

My cousin told me that Japanese couples come to get married in Hawaii because it’s cheaper.

I used my Panorama view settings for the 1st time!!!

Defiantly going to use this setting more often!!!

I ❤ SUNSETS!!!!!!!!!

as you can tell, because I have multiple sunset shots.

I’m lucky to have Hawaii as my “Home Sweet Home”

If you haven’t been to Hawaii yet, you should definitely book a flight in the near future!!!

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