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1 final down, 1 more to go!


Because we started finals today, I officially finish school on Monday.

Everyone will be done with school by the weekend, except for me and the people with Monday classes; how awkward. lol.

Anyways, today was my final class for Market Analysis & Presentation.

It’s our keystone class for the Apparel Industry Major.

We had to portray different departments in a company to create a clothing line.

There were a handful of departments;



-Colorist & Fabrics


-Sales & Marketing


I was in the Promotions & Branding
department with the lovely Lauren, Aundria, and Kathrine.

Our presentation went well, despite some technical difficulties and a 1 person audience. haha.

Everyone did very well on their part though.

Our Company was called “f&f”, which stands for “Form & Function”.

It is a women’s contemporary line. She is a “Miss Independent” type of person; a working women who makes $80k in the fashion industry/ film industry/ publication industry etc.

(This song makes me think of our target customer. hahaha)

In the group, I didn’t deal much with the numbers and planning because it wasn’t really my “forte”,

so I helped contribute to the graphic area.

Here are pages of the lookbook I created.

The lookbook consists of inspiration images of our collection, technical flats, and product detail.

Here is our “Swag Bag” that we had to put together.

It’s products of what we thought our “women” would like in her swag bag.

Our swag bag had items such as

-Make up

-Make up brushes



-Cute small notebooks


– “Love Life” book

– Gift certificate to a salon

-Gift card to a fancy restaurant

Our main book & lookbook

Our Board: Figure drawn by our artist,  Blair Urban (:

“Neihule” Gift Certificate that I made

(FYI, I took the picture off the lady from the internet)

Bottega Louie Gift Card that I made

(I’m surprised that they don’t have a gift card. I Googled them, but couldn’t find any,

so here’s my take on how I think their gift card would look like.)

Well that’s about it, but  I’d like to Wish a “CONGRADULATIONS!!!” to my fellow FIDM peeps who finished their last quarter today.

“YOU DID IT!!!” or ” YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!” haha, depending if they had a prior degree upon coming to FIDM.

Also for the ones who are almost done with classes,

“YOU CAN DO IT, ALLL NIGHT LONG!!!!” -from the movie “Waterboy”

& “Best of Luck” for everyone at FIDM who is stressing during finals.

– xoxo Krystal (:

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