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Venice Beach

So yesterday, I finally got to travel to somewhere new in California; Venice Beach. I lived in California for almost 2 years now, and yes, I have not got the chance to see Venice, until yesterday.

I’ve always wanted to go to Venice, but since it was “far”, I didn’t bother to plan a trip there. I’m familiar with Santa Monica, but assumed that since Venice was down south, it would take much more longer to get there, especially by bus.

We took the 733 on Main and Olympic and made our way. It took about an hour to get there.

Since it was my 1st time, it was indeed an adventure.

For any adventure, there is always a “Dilemma“. Our 1st “dilemma” was realizing that we were suppose to get off our intended stop, but missed it. So since it was a 733, the express, the bus drove quite a bit for the next bus stop. We had a moment of anticipation of when the bus was going to stop as we move farther away from our intended destination. haha

So we finally got off the bus and were surrounded by little eateries. We crossed the street heading towards the beach. Waiting at the crosswalk, we sang the “Under the boardwalk” chorus, thinking it fit the occasion. 

We finally made it to the “famous” sidewalk, adjacent to the sand, where people either biked, roller skated, skated, jogged, or walked through.

It was a nice day, but very cold. I wore boots with fur, a cardi, a jacket, a scarf, and a knit baret.

There were nice beach houses, cool art works, food places, interesting music and individuals.

Anyways here are some pictures that I took with my phone (:

Garlic Chicken Sandwich ( I ❤ garlic )

Garlic fries

Sadly, I didn’t get to charge my phone the night before, so my phone died at the beach.

Also, there would be more pictures that I could’ve posted, but Elaines camera sucks.

It has a thinner memory card that can’t fit our computer, nor does she have a cord.

Overall,  Venice was an interesting experience.

Next time, I’ll go to Venice with a fully charged phone, a working camera, cash (for some food places & art vendors), and do more exploring.

If you plan to visit Venice…

1. Check the weather. You may think it may be hot, but it could be cold; or vice versa.

2. Bring cash. Lots of vendors take Cash Only, but there are some ATM machines.

3. If you are on a budget, look for the cheapest foods out there; there’s $1 hot dogs, $1.50 pizza and churros so it’s not that bad

4. Possibly start at one end of the “strip” instead of going straight into where it has the word “Venice” hanging. You can just go one way and it would be less walking back and forth.

5. Watch out for people on the bike paths; you could get run over haha.

6. Bring a pair of slippers (“flip flops”) if you are initially using shoes; you may want to walk the beach.

7. Bring your roller skates or bike so you can stroll on the bike path; looks fun

One thought on “Venice Beach

  1. From the description of your outfit, it sounds as if you are acclimating quite nicely as a California resident 🙂 *waving to you from the Los Angeles area*

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