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Hello Again…

Well this is embarrassing… I haven’t blogged since December. I have a feeling it’s because camera is currently broken. So I definitely need to get that sent for repair soon.

To sum things up for the things that happened in my life since my last post….


Watched my 1st Korean Movie: “200 Pound Beauty” (which by the way is my all time favorite and you should totally watch it!!!)

-Had a Korean Drama Phase!  (Caution: Only watch Korean drama during your school break. I was addicted. I couldn’t stop. Unless I had to use the bathroom or cook. haha)

-Fell in ❤ with Kim Jaewon

(100 Days with Mr. Arrogant)

-Fell in ❤ with Yoon Kye Sang

-Went to Las Vegas for my winter break (2 weeks)

-Taught myself how to read Korean Alphabets

-Had a Filipino Movie Phase! (Watched 16 + movies; I wanted to learn Tagalog! haha. btw, I love Asian “Romantic Comedies”)

-Found out who Sam Milby was! ❤

-Gained a few pounds from all the Filipino/Hawaiian comfort food 😦

-Went shopping at Savers & Goodwill (scored cheap/vintage clothes & books)

-Played Call Of Duty (upset that I couldn’t get pass level 4) haha

-Played Marvel Vs. Capcom: Arcade mode (:

Used Netflix for the 1st time

-Grew a “Travel Book” collection


-Started my last quarter at FIDM

-In the process of my Plus Size Business plan for class (will update on this soon)

Visited Hawaii for 1 week & half (haven’t been there in 7 months!!!!!)

Reunited with my friends & family! ❤

-Went to my 1st Rave event

-Went to Buca de Beppo for the 1st time

Watched 200 pound beauty like 4 times with my family. haha. (showed it to my cousin and uncle. Re-watched it with my cousin. Watched it with my other cousin.)

-Dyed part of my hair red for the 1st time


-Requested a Free brochure and map of Korea

Got my brochure & map of South Korea

Made me a travel book: Printed out maps, images, etc of the places I want to go


-Started to get into my Creative/Crafty mode

– Started planning a business venture with my roommate Cynthia ( Will launch this year)

-“Invested” my sisters $20 to buy materials for business at fashion district. lol.

Watched the midnight premier of the Women In Black

Went to my 1st Concert in Hollywood: Saw Machine Gun Kelly, PDiddy, Drew Carey, Cassie, etc.

-Went to Korea town for groceries shopping! It’s like a mini Costco because they give out free samples (:

Got more free brochures

-Went to a Valentines day party: Lingerie Themed. haha

-Had valentines day dinner with my roomates Cynthia & Janet at ESPN  Zone at LA live (Buffalo wings, Pizza, & Nachos: “Manly”) lol

-Went to Botega Louie for the 1st time to buy Macaroons, which by the way are awesome! & a little pricy. lol.

-Went to an “anti-valentines” day party; penthouse; DTLA City Skyline!

-Went to my 1st FIDM event of the quarter. lol; Speed networking event.

-Got an email that I won the business card raffle; I need to pick up the prize (not sure what it is yet. lol)

-Went to the Americana for Elaines Birthday Present hunt

Made my outfit for Elaine’s ABC (Anything But Clothes) Party: Dress out of Dotted Paper

-Had a fun time with a bunch of friends for Elaines Party

-“Field Trip” to Venice Beach with roomies (Venice post will be up soon!)

Cooked Mushroom Chicken for dinner last night

Writing my 1st post of the year (which is this post. lol)

From now on, I’ll try to update this blog more often since I pretty much summarized happened throughout my MIA time span.

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