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Plus size Fashion

Play this song while you read my blog. It doesn’t go with what I’m going to talk about, but it’s just AMAZING!!!!!

Soo I just came back from one of my stressful classes. Reason for it being stressful is due to the fact that we have to present/ sell our garments to our teacher (who pretends to be different types of buyers) in front of our whole class. (It’s especially stressful when you’re an over thinker )

I mean it’s cool to talk about my brand in front of the whole class, but the “torture” of having my fellow classmates watch me go clueless, say pretty goofy stuffs, and see me make fun of myself talking to the teacher. Well actually, don’t I already present myself that way on normal occasions anyways. haha.

I mean, yes I still get nervous in front of talking to a group of people. It just depends what type of crowd I’m going to be in front of.

Lately, school has been just so intimidating. I’m sitting next to pretty smart and talented people.

I remember a time where I actually loved talking in front of the class. I was told that “it’s better to get it over with”, so I’d be the one who would volunteer to either talk 1st or 2nd… Not at FIDM, not at all, though there are times where I want to “get it over with”, but someone always beat me to it, or the teacher picks someone in the crowd to go.

Since I’m talking about this public speaking/presentation area, I’m gonna side track a bit. Honestly, I’m that type who likes to present after someone who didn’t really do such a good job. haha.

1. If you do better, you look better.

2. If you did the same as them, it’s not so bad.

but…. if someone goes and totally set the standards, I wouldn’t dare to present after them. Talk about making yourself look bad on your own, haha…Unless you can keep up the pace or set the standard higher.

Anyways, back to my presentation finals, I‘m happy that I was one of the peoples to present last. It was getting close to the ending of class, so my teacher let people go. So instead of having a big crowd of people to present to, I practically had 5 people watch me do my presentation. Yes, I did make some mistakes, laughed out loud, and said some funny stuffs, (I guess that’s who I am) but towards the end, it wasn’t so bad.

My teacher tells me that if I actually get more knowledgeable about things (which I understand because I’m more creative then booksmart… unless it involves pictures. lol), then I’d be better at this selling thing. I know that in time when I’ve been around the industry more, I’ll be better at it.

Before, I’d think to myself, “what’s the purpose of this class?!” but now I have a feeling that this Wholesale Selling class will actually have some value  in my future.

The downside of having people leave class earlier is them not seeing the visual things that you can do. I’m sure that the people in my class pretty much knows what I can do, but I had some new stuffs that I made.

It’s pretty much the same designs, but I made a colorway board. I wanted to show them that I actually am the type of person who goes “over the top” with things.

I’m assuming that people in my class didn’t want to deal with making a new collection and sticking with the one’s they already had. I get it, time is an issue and why make something when you already have something to present. (Not saying that they took the easy route)

(Random Thought): I’m sooo happy that I pushed myself to make this plus size collection.

1. New addition to my portfolio. (Which btw, is prettty awesome!!!! I’m not bragging. lol)

2. Plus size clothing is one of the markets I want to go towards.

3. I would hopefully surprise my classmates with new visuals.

Dang, my finger hurt, which means that I probablly wrote a lot.  Soo to get to my whole point of this new blog post, I just wanted to show the new visuals that I made.

Bella donna RIGHT2 Bella donna MIDDLE2 Bella donna LEFT2 Bella donna Sets2 Bella donna 1 colorway copy Bella donna 1 colorway Bella donna 1 colorway copy2


One thought on “Plus size Fashion

  1. Hi krystal, I totally enjoyed reading your blog. I look forward to reading more. Your project look awesome. Very creative. You are a wonderful story teller,you make me chuckle a couple of times. You are very talented and creative in all you do. You will definitely do great once you truly get the value of your vision,mission and goals. You are smart as well as humble. Keep up the great attitude.As you already know, I’m one of your #1 fan…hahaha ❤

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