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So today I decided to tag along with my friends Elaine & Johanna to go to LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of  Art“.


They needed to go to the museum for an assignment, so since I haven’t been there, I was excited to see what it was about.

We caught the 28 bus and made our way to our destination.

There’s the famous light poles that people usually take pictures with and becomes their new default picture.

Admissions to LACMA was FREE!!!! Depending on a certian time/day, they do have free entry. So we totally took advantage of the situation.

Who doesn’t love free museums?!

Definitely needed to have a picture moment with these light poles



We didn’t get to see all of the museum because we didn’t want to stay there too late. So we only got to see 2 areas…


Here’s some pictures of paintings, sculptures, etc, of what caught my eye...


Soo of course different time period  clothing caught my eye.

More clothing pieces

Not sure what this piece spelt out, but I thought it was interesting.

This I think was a 10 panel painting of a city, I just took a picture one area. I love the linear perspective element!

This is the 1st sculpture that I looked at… I was kind of was confused. haha.

I thought that “not so private” parts looked like a “heart” organ, thinking maybe that the sculpturer did it purposely for a metaphor… where men “loves” with their “heart”… but my friend tells me that the sculpture is broken… haha.


Thought the details were pretty, the gold designs were shiny.

OMG! I loveeeeeed this sculpture!!!! It’s soo floral goddess looking.

I have a “fetish” or interest in swirls. lol. I’m not sure why, but I just love them!!!

Not sure what this was, but it’s the main piece of the picture above.

Again, with the swirls… I love vintage swirls! (especially on gates and Victorian houses!!!!!)

A very detailed vase.

OMG!!!! This was my favorite painting that I saw. She’s soooo cute!!!!

& omg, look at that frame! I love vintage frames especially when it’s very detailed like that.

Look at that sculpture! It’s amazing how it looks like draped fabric. That must have took a long time to make.

Not sure what this is, but I want one of these….


This is the only sculpture that I’ve seen where it has an overlapping element to create depth.

Thought this mirror and it’s frame was pretty! The mirror sparkled, which was glamorous. lol.

Not sure what this painting was all about, but I just thought the sky was nicely painted. btw I’ve seen lots of paintings with baby cupids in them (I wonder why).

Another cool mirror! Totally want this in my house.

This sculpture was about the size of a normal sized paper! It has amazing small details! The drape flows so well!

Other side of the sculpture.

Not sure what this is called, but you probably get it.

Loved the details. The blue top was patterned and the show straps were glittery.

Thought this was a cool golden sculpture! Loved the clothing, the pattern… it’s looks like a warrior princess angel. lol.

There were a handful of people drawing the sculptures and furnitures.

If you want to find an architect/artist boyfriend, this is definately one place to visit! (:

Back of the sculpture, look at the intricate details!!!

Front of sculpture. Very symmetrical.

Side view. Loved the head piece part.

More pictures of the famous light poles.

It’s just soo romantic looking

We were hungry and saw Shakeys. This was my 1st time trying Shakeys and omg, the food was GOOOOD!

We got a Shakey’s Specialty pizza & the 2 piece chicken and mojo.

What made our night much better was that we SCORED AN EXTRA FREE PiZZA! 

Our waiter said since our pizza was “burnt”, they were making us another pizza, and we were like ” That’s fine with me!!!” lol.


Overall, visiting LACMA inspired me to draw again. I want to visit there again when I have free time, go through the whole musueum and actually be one of those people standing infront of their inspiration piece and draw.

If you are in the LA area, definitely check it out. Another cool museum to check out is The Getty!!!

I’m soooo visiting museums more often! You should too!


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