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Strollin down Melrose Ave.

Soo today me and Elaine went to Melrose to volunteer for a fashion show. We got to the location at the required call time and was standing around, waiting for this one lady.

We got hungry and asked guy at the volunteer location if we could get something to drink, he said an estimate that the lady will come in 15 mins… Since we were kinda hungry, we decided to go to Johnny Rockets. It was my 1st time at this place. I loved how they played some good o’ oldies music.

Got this paty sandwich with bacon cheese fries, which was pretty good. I loved how our waiter made smiley faces with ketchup!!!!

So we pretty much took about 20-30 mins to eat, walked back to the location and everyone was still waiting around doing nothing…

We waited a little and then decided to go looking around because it is melroselots of stores. lots of temptation.

Found this one store next door called Imperial Planet, which had good sales and great customer service!

We were in that place for a good 20 mins, rushed a little because we thought to get back soon to see if that one lady showed up.

& no, she did not….

We stayed for a few mins more, talked to some of the other volunteer people, but did not want to wait any longer so we decided to leave and stroll down Melrose.

Melrose Ave is one of my favorite avenues! lol

1. They have pretty good shopping stores (lots of recycled clothing stores like wasteland and crossroads)

2. They got some good looking eatery places

3. Street art ❤

4. You could probably spot some celebs ( this one chick saw Vinny from Jersey Shore at the crosswalk)

5. Majority of the stores had good customer service, which was nice! (:

6. Inspirational, Cute clothes & awesome graphic designs on shirts

Since I like street art, of course I took a few pics of the works that I thought were cool..


Definitely need to hit up Melrose Avenue again and with money to spend!


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