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Sweeeeet November

I just feel the need to take a break from my homework and do a new blog post. (I need to be quick before I completely stop my productiveness)…

I wish I could have done a blog post for every interesting day that I’ve had recently, because I’ve had many… volunteer opportunities, fun moments with friends…. Ummm, I know there’s more cool things that happened. I just can’t remember it at the

So before I forget another amazing day that I’ve had, let me get to the details of today….


Today was the American Music Awards. Me and my roomies wanted to see celebs because everyone was going to be there! Drake, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber.. to name a few.

(Ahh,I just remembered another cool thing that happened recently… the Twilight premiere.. I’ll talk about that in a bit)

Soo we planned that we would leave our place at 12 to go to LA Live to see the red carpet. Me and Janet left exactly at 12 ; we were got dressed early because of all this excitement. We wanted to beat the crowd and try to get a good spot. The weather was raining, so I assumed we’d have a better chance of seeing some of the celebs… because its raining! Who would leave their compfy bed with this lazy weather and see celebs?! (well me and my roomies did. lol.)

I love dressing up for this kind of weather.  I decided to wear my one and only pair of rain boots, leggings, long trench coat, and a knit barett. (I wish I had some visuals for you)

The perks of living in downtown is how close things are, so me and Janet just walked to LA live.

Once we got there security started to block of the area…. We tried to find a place where we could stand and see the red carpet but sadly there was nothing we could do…

I was upstairs looking down at the people passing by and I see this guy who looked like Leonard from the Big Bang Theory… I stared at him longer and it was him!!!! I told Janet who he was, but she didn’t know him. lol. So sadly I was the only one finding this cool. I was like OMG! lol

Sooo I go downstairs trying to see where he went… no sign of him, and then a few mins later, he walks right pass by me and goes into the resturant that I was standing next to… He was with his lady friend reading the menu stand and there was the glass window between me and him. I was freaking out, wondering what should i do!!!!!

Should I tap the window and get his attention?!

Wait for him to look up and wave?!

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I was soo scared :/

He left the restaurant and started walking towards the elevator to go to the garage… I ran across halfway through the walkway and stopped, I was scared and didn’t want to go alone… janet was on the other side of the walkway. lol. I totally could have been in the same elevator as him and got some action then! hahahaha.

Well despite not having a picture with him or of him, at least I got a witness.

**Highlight of the day #1: Seeing Lenard from big bang theory! ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS! (I’m still regretful of that moment. lol -_-)

Btw, he dresses the same as in the show. lol… I want a guy like him!  I like him nerrrrrdy! ❤


Once we met up with my other roomates, we decided to try again and see if we could get a good place to see things, but we couldnt! 😦

Our hopes of seeing the red carpet was gone so we decided we’d just leave… Since were already this far, at LA live, we decided we didn’t want to go home. We happily agreed (except elaine) to watch the new Twilight movie!

While walking around LA live to get to the Regal Theater, the weather started to get really bad. More rain, more wind…

Highlight of the day # 2: My umbrella flipped over while we were waiting for the stop lights! lol.

(Not a picture of today, but this is pretty much what happened! I’m sure the people in the cars had a good laugh at me!)

Not sure if elaine got me on camera.


We finally got to the ticket station to buy our tickets.. It was already 1:12ish and the next twilight showing was at 1:20, so we decided to get that… I was buying my ticket, but my card declined!!!!! 😦 3 times… 2 in the kiosk and in the teller… lol. I’d rather get declined at the movie theater then at a grocery store or a food place. lol. EMBARRASSING! Well janet bought me and elaines ticket and we finally got in…

Highlight of the day #3: WATCHING TWILIGHT!!!!!!

I’ve forgotten how much I loved edward cullen!

(hehehehehhe, of course this part was my favorite scene :3)



Sooooo yeah, it’s not much, but that’s pretty much what I consider an awesome day! lol.

If you read this and wasn’t entertained at all, I’m sorry!



Btw, last monday I went to the Twilight red carpet premiere…..

Didn’t see much because we were standing kind of far from the red carpet drop off point, but….

I saw boo boo stewart close up!!!! He looooked sooo cute!!!!

I also saw that one young vampire guy from the voltori...

jacobs dad…not in a wheelchair. lol.

Sheldon’s “girlfriend” from the big bang theory

MATT DALLAS! (kinda :c)

That one guy from white chicks…. the one who was about to make out with the dog…

the little kardashian sisters…


Random but…I’m realizing that if you actually want to see celebrities, LA is the place to be! lol. I mean, I never ever thought I’d get too see these people, especially when I was back home in Hawaii… but omg, I’m actually seeing these people! I’ve seen like 20+ “celebs”…

I think the next post I’m going to make is the list of the people that I’ve seen! That would be an fun post to blog about (:









One thought on “Sweeeeet November

  1. you’re sooo lucky….you must have wonderful parents. your writing is very entertaining and humorous. couple of times I chuckle and smile. i can imagine what you see. keep up the good work.maybe you should be a journalist or comic writer as a double major.

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