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Plus Size Collection

For my wholesale selling class, we had to “sell”… Today was my time to sell and omg. Let me just say that I don’t like presenting in class. So yes, it didn’t go well.  It’s soooo sad because I had pretty cool looking boards but I didn’t do it justice! 😦

I have to present next week again…. embarrassing!  😦

I’m praying that I will do better!!!

Since there were a bunch of people in my class who were in my merch class, I didn’t want to present to them my same board, soo I made a new line and decided I should make it for the plus size market…. Even though it would  take a lot of time & work,  I  pushed myself to go beyond and  now I also have another portfolio piece! Yay…

Here’s my plus size line…


Check out my Portfolio section to see my Merch/costing Boards from 4th quarter…

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