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Passionately Pink Day

This is soo last month, but October was Breast Cancer Awareness month. Phi Theta Kappa had a Passionately Pink day event at school, so of course I went there to do some supporting as well as get me some brownies. lol.

During the event, I got to dress up in pink, get measured for my real bra size, touch silicon implant bag thingys, attempt to bid on a Chan Luu jewelry basket, and also do some crafting on an umbrella.

So there were people designing these umbrellas and it was for a breast cancer show, where survivors of breast cancer would showcase them. Me being a crafty person, I was like I totally have to design one…


Soo here is the umbrella that I designed, with the help of Elaine…

There wasn’t much materials to work with since I was one of the last peoples designing one as well as others already took up the good stuffs… So there were these little clear pebbles that no one were using, and I decided why not use them.

My inspiration for the design was raindrops... My vision was to have a bunch of pebbles on the top area of the umbrella and fade them out towards the end of the umbrellas…

(side view) Here’s Elaine, modeling my umbrella  (:

Back view

Me & Sonya (:

Here’s other designs…





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