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From Start to Finish

Sooo, before I put up pictures from the photoshoot I did with my garment, I wanted to show you the progression of creating my garment from start to finish.


I started drafting my garment right when I got back from my trip to New York around October 5.

Our product was due on Oct. 31, so it took me about 3 weeks to finish.


I was in the FIDM annex for hours tweaking slopers, figuring how in the world am I going to transform my design into reality. I actually did learn from my teachers from my apparel process classes, Thank you Mrs. Montgomery & Mr. Verreos! Surprisingly, all this came naturally to me, which was amazing and very beneficial.

I cut patterns and used trial and error to help guide me to where I wanted to go with my garment.

Here’s pictures that shows my process/progress…

I’ve already figured out my patterns and cut them out of muslin, basestitch one side of the garment.

Draping in the dress form to see if the pattern that I made worked…

Marking some side details that I wanted for my garment

Arm detail

Back detail

With getting pretty much the basics, I fixed my patterns/unstitched some parts & started to tweak them.

Once I tweaked the patterns and think they were pretty close to what I was getting at, I went straight to my official fabrics, cut them out and started sewing.

Sewed the basics for my bodice

Started adding my patterns on the blue fabric

Sewed my weave section…

So here’s my finished product… I practically finished my product with a size 8, but had to downgrade it to a size 4/6 one week before the product was due because the denim people finally told us what the actual size was going to be. (Which kind of freaked me out for a bit, but I overcame that obstacle)

You can tell its more of a fitted garment.

Strap Jumpsuit: Front View

Strap Jumpsuit: Back View

Full Jumpsuit: Front View

Full Jumpsuit: Back View

Sleeveless Jumpsuit: Front View

Sleeveless Jumpsuit: Side View


To make this product, I didn’t want to deal with using the industrial sewing machines at school, so I pretty much used my handy dandy home sewing machine. You should own a home sewing machine if you don’t have one, especially if you’re in some kind of fashion major.

This was a simple post. I just wanted to show some pictures from how I started to the finish product. I kind of missed some steps since I was too in the zone that I didn’t have time/felt like stopping to take a picture of what I was doing.


Here’s my post of my 1st’s photoshoot… Check it! (:


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