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My 1st Photoshoot

For the Denim Competition, what was requiered was just to create a product.

Being the type of person that I am, I decided to do more then what was expected. I did a photoshoot for my garment that way I can have some visuals for my garment.

So here’s my visuals that I made for my garment…


At the photoshoot, I took lots of pictures and have some extras shots that I didn’t use for my visual board.

So Helen wanted stephanie to take pictures in the elevator, so once stephanie was there we got some shots. Helen told me to hold the elevator button, so she can show steph some poses and the door started to close. Helen came out and then the door closed on stephanie. sooo we had to wait for her to come back up. it was soo funny!!! lol.

Thank you Stephanie for being my model!

Thank you Helen for helping with the make up, styling, & showing steph how to work it! lol

& Thank you Cynthia for letting me use your camera!


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