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Denim Scholarship Competition!

So today was a very long day!

Today was the day that we had to present our product to the judges as well as the public (“FIDM peeps”)

Well first off, I didn’t win the competition, I’ll tell you at the end of this post, who won…

Honestly, I wasn’t sad like in tears when I didn’t hear them call my name because despite loosing, I’ve gained a lot in return…

I’ve gained…

  1. Sooo much experience!!!
  2. Got a FREE trip to North Carolina to visit cool factories/businesses
  3. AMAZING & TALENTED new friends
  4. A portfolio piece
  5. A bonus for my resume
  6. Exposure

Overall, this whole Denim competition experience was just soooo dang amazing!!!! I mean, like AMAZING! Because of this opportunity, I’ve also got to challenge myself.  I turned my vision into a reality, which was a challenge accomplished.

This competition pushed me to make a garment that I wouldn’t have done randomly, due to requirements and deadlines.

What more awesome is that I’m a freaking Apparel Industry Management student!!! in the territory of the Fashion designers, so of course I felt pretty legit!

(Soo for future non fashion majors who want to enter a design competition, just know that even if you are not in the fashion major and you think you got what it takes, GO FOR IT!!!)

Okay, so now it’s on to the pictures…

Here is my design!!! My “Trans4ming Jumpsuit” (that thing in the pocket is the detachable sleeve, it’s just for show)

Here’s me again. lol. Being me, I wanted to do more, so I made a little lookbook as well as boards to show people the different looks of my garment

My garment’s theme was “Rebel Chic” Tried to balance the rebellion & classy chic style.

My dear jason & his cute mini black dress ❤

Doesn’t he look fabulous? and soo Jean Paul Gaultier? lol

Aileen’s Designs: Ipad cover, wallet, clutch & tote bag (I think she used recycled denim?)

LoriLee’s “Picnic” Basket (made of recycled denim)

Ali’s Military Coat (He’s the other Apparel Industry Management Student)

Nakita’s Sauri: Loved the elegance and bling bling

Alicia’s Dress: This dress was amazing! lots of cool details, btw, she’s doing Debut, so watch for her next year (:

Chelsea’s Design: She used sustainable fabrics

Melissa’s Dress w/ Cape : Velvet inside, denim outside



I ❤ Ahmad, he’s soo funny. While everyone was taking picture of him, he took out his camera and started taking picture of us. lol.

I told him what he was going to do with his money, and he replied “my loans!” lol.


Extra pictures…

My roomies: Janet, Cynthia, Elaine,  (Ny’s not in picture) Thank you for showing your support! ❤ you!

Elaine & Stephanie (My model) ❤

The 2011 Top 10 Denim Finalist!!! AKA “Awesome & Talented People!!!” haha.

I’d just like to say THANK YOU for all my friends & family who supported me through this denim competition!!!!

I didn’t win that $10k scholarship, but if I did, I would have split the pot with my fellow “competition” because they all did an amazing job! & for Ahmad, I honestly think he deserved it because he “went there” & made it big & fancy, plus it was his time to shine… cuz he’s old. HAHA jk, don’t tell him that. (<3 you Ahmad, I still don’t know how to say his name right lol)

Also, even if I didn’t win, everyone liked my garment!!! Yes, I admit, ALL my friends liked my garment because they are my friends, BUT… random people who I’ve never seen before liked my garment (plus I had a small crowd), which is awesome because at least I got good feed back.

It wasn’t my time to win, but one day it will be me…

I’m only 19 years old!!!

This was the second time I’ve been Top 10 for a design competition in my fashion career (1&1/2 years)!

I’m still young!

So I’ve got a lot of time to do it big!

Btw, my next post will be of the photoshoot I had of my garment, so keep on watch for that!!!

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