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New York Part 2

(Well this is quite tragic, I haven’t posted any new blog posts this month… I’ve been soooo busy with creating my denim product for the competition, school, & adjusting to my class schedule. Also my camera isn’t working since that day from Coney Island, sooo I definitely need to get that fixed asap.)

I still have pictures from New York, so here it is…

We went to this one place called Cha An, which is a Japanese Tea House…

Ordered a Matcha Float; Green tea macha w/ red beans= 7$

Green Tea Mochi = 8$

1st Course of the “Chef Dessert Assortment” =18$

2nd course of the “Chef Dessert Assortment”

3rd Course of the “Chef Dessert Assortment”

So there was this random guy who decorated the poles which was pretty cool

St. Marks area ( Supposedly the Japanese area)

Time Square: Part 2 (Daytime)

I didn’t understand what was so special about “Times Square”. The 1st time I went there, I was thinking it was just a bunch of buildings with big advertisements and flashing lights… Once I started to see the area for what it is, there’s actual stores around the area, so it had more to it then I expected.

Disney Store

HA. HA. HA. Typical.

I ❤ nerds c;

The Red Stairs.. Not sure its significance, but it was in the “Empire of State” music video, so we just needed to see it.

Apparently I like to stand in the middle of the crosswalks to take pictures…

M&M Store


Not sure I’m going to see the real deal, so this is as close I can get…


They literally give you a “Kiss” when you enter the store (:

For dinner, we had Olive Garden right in Times Square.

FYI, they automaticallycharge 18% gratity, even if you’re just a “two person party” lol.


Chicken Alfredo

Strawberry Cake

This was pretty cool. On Forever 21’s big screen they had this.

“Where’s Krystal & Elaine?”

One thought on “New York Part 2

  1. Hi Krystal…We really enjoyed reading and looking at all the pixs you’ve taken. We wish we were there in NYC with you. Maybe someday.

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