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Well that was pretty epic!

So today was an interesting day!!!

Me & Elaine decided to head down to Coney Island just for the heck of it.

Here’s pictures of our adventure!!!

So we’re on the train… What a sunny day huh?

Random pic

Ohh how blue the sky is…

The map telling us where we were

We had around 26 stops to go to Coney Island & was on the train for about an hour

We saw this out of the window and were like “Yay, we’re here!!!”

Getting off train

Thought this was a cool building, especially the stairs


So as we were walking towards Coney Island and noticed the park was pretty empty.

Actually the park was close!!! & we were wondering why

We didn’t want to turn back because it took forever to get here, so we decided to see what else was at Coney Island

Looking out to the ocean and see this “Bird lady”

Birds chillin

Majority of the places where closed

As we were exploring, we noticed the sky was getting darker

There were big gray clouds hoovering

(Love the contrast of the light and dark sky)

We still were wondering what was going on with the weather…

I look to the left & took this picture.

I look to the right & took this picture!

Did you see the difference in the sky?

The sky starts getting intense

& more intense

We saw the Pier and started walking towards it…

Despite the crazyness, we were like “OMG! We need to go to the end of the pier!”

Its starting to get darker

We’re on the pier, making our way… Look at the contrast of the sky!!!

I was amazed and afraid!



Then it starts to rain so we pulled out our umbrellas

It starts to rain very hard!!!

It starts to rain very very hard & we’re still trying to make our way to the end of the pier.

To be honest, I was sooo scared! The raindrops were thick and we were getting soaked.


It was soo windy that my umbrella turned over!!! lol

So after this crazy adventure to the end of the pier, we were soaked & decided we’d go get food.

No wonder Coney Island was closed, because of this stormy weather. lol

So we go to Nathans in the corner because supposedly they were a famous place to eat.

We finished ordering and decided to head out to the metro. Once we were outside, we noticed that the water was ankle high so we had to jump to get to the the crosswalk.  I felt like “Indiana Jones” or something. HAHAHA.


We finally got back on the train and were on it for awhile, so we played “COD Zombies”, which was pretty fun.

Our 1 week metro card was going to expire tonight, so we decide to get off Central park to see Central park.

FYI, Once you smell horse poop, you know you’re going closer to Central Park…

Finally strolling through Central Park!!! YAY!!!

The contrast of the city & nature ❤

I love seeing couples, especially when it’s a “Picture perfect” moment.

New York City (:


Since it was getting late, we decided to get some 99cents pizza, since we were pretty broke.

Needed to find a place to sit, so we walked and walked and found this!

I forgot that this “Love” thingy was in NY… We were gonna sit in the middle of the “V” & “E”, but instead we sat at the bus stop on the side.

So yeah, that’s pretty much my day & I say it was pretty epic!!! (:

4 more days of New York and I’m back to the west coast 😦


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