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Hellllllo New York!!! [Part 1]

[Skip to pictures if you don’t feel like reading my intro nonsence!!!!]

I PROMISE theres cool pictures (:

So September 22 was my last day in North Carolina. My flight delayed & it was pretty lame. I was suppose to depart at 7:20PM, but I ended leaving at around 9:30.

It was cool that Jet blue had live cable, but what really sucked more then my delay was when a new episode of Vampire Diaries was starting & they had to reset everyone’s monitor. It took forever to get back to the show. They would speak during the show, so I couldn’t here. I know this sounds kind of rediculus, but how would you feel if a new episode of your favorite tv show was being interupted, a lot?! Yeah!!! Thats what I thought. (If you would get mad. hahaha)


I was walking to my gate, as I was on the escalator I saw my friend Elaine & Stephanie & I saw a bouquet of balloons…..

For a second I thought they were for me, but it wasn’t! HAHA. As I was slowly going down on the escelator, I realized it was for this 40 year old lady… I didn’t notice there was a balloon with the numbers “40” on it…  I was to drained and tired to notice the details, I was just like “oohh balloons”.

It was already dark, so I couldn’t really see anything new yorky.

Some things I learned about New York

  1. IT’S HUMID!!!!
  2. You don’t really need a car to get around
  3. You walk a lot!
  4. Less homeless people compared to LA
  5. Train & subway is very convenient and you hardly wait
  6. New Yorkers are friendly when you ask for directions
  7. Lots of pizza joints. lol
  8. There’s a place called “Krystal’s Pastery Bakery” & its also a Filipino restaurant!!! haha.

Ok, to get to the good stufs…


Friday, September 23, 2011

Destination: Queens Mall

Status: Slight rain

In the bus, under the rail

New york has a lot of cute vintage looking houses. Idk why, but  I’m in love with swirly designs on gates, houses, etc!

The subway vents are different compared to LA… LA’s are flat & this is more flowy.

My 1st time going into a subway stairway!

Again, nothing like LA. LA stations are more bigger and there’s main stations, but in NY are just random areas that just leads you to the train.

I bought my unlimited 1 week metro card for 29$ a pretty decent deal since fare costs 2.25$ one way.

That’s where you slide your metro card & go through gate. Again, different from LA. You swipe your card and it’s more secured. In LA, you can just go as you please because the gates are pretty much open all the time

They actually have a screen were it tells you where you are going and how much stops to get there which is sooo convientent compared to LA’s.

We got to Queens mall and it was a pretty big mall. Did some shopping.

For lunch, me and elaine had “Five Guys” & it was yummy! (I haven’t tried them in cali)

I’d say I like 5 guys better then In n Out burger.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Destination: Canal Street, Little Italy, Chinatown, Soho, & Time Square

Status: Lots of walking, a bit lost, figuring things out

Our train

So there is such thing as “Waverly Place” in New York…



Supposedly cheap places to shop

So we went shopping at Canal street. omg. tempting.

Walking through Canal Street and going shopping

Sticker posting

After watching Little Nicky, me & elaine decided to eat some Popeyes Chicken for Lunch!

Supposedly there was a protest crowd when we were eating in popeyes.

I love standing in the middle of the crosswalk and taking pictures!!! Linear Perspective, that’s what I like about it!

New york has a lot of sticker arts and a few ads, and a lot of graffiti.

I googled the phrase “Post No Bills” means don’t put any posters up on the walls.

Inside a store that I went to.

Interesting intersection markings. I don’t know what they mean. lol

Umm, that building with the green top looks like it should be known. Not sure what it is.

Traffic & Linear Perspective (;

Cool shirt bro



They had some sort of event thing going on so there were lots and lots of foooooooood!!!

They had legit sausage hotdogs, pizza, friend oreos, funnel cake, pastries, over priced pina coladas, but I didn’t try any 😦



You can tell you hit China town, when you see these…


Chrystler building… & all this time I was thinking that was the Empire State building! lol



Where the rich people supposedly shops or something like that.

I ❤ new york street art

I’m guessing soho has its kind of Art Gallery area like how LA has them

Apparently this one painter, has a fetish for painting…

big buts and I can not lie….you other brothers cant deny” haha.

Took a break from walking… we seriously walked a lot. & I ordered my 1st trenta Iced tea (:

This one london shoe store…

This one vintage store

We asked a worker at express what was a good place to eat and she recommened “Two Boots”

& it was delishious!

I had “the bird” -Spicy Buffalo chicken w/ ranch sauce.


We were in the subway and I had to pee, so we had a pee stop… at  “Times Square!”

Ohh yeah, living life, being UNPREDICTABLE! haha.

btw, this subway was the most entertaining because there was people playing pretty good jazz music

We got off the train… and thinking, this is Times Square?! Thats it?!!

We had to pull out our New york post card that we bought that day to see if we were in the right area.

So we’re like… okay, lets take pictures of the building…

Then we’re walking towards the other building with the tv screens, and then we realize that that, was the main “Time Square” building!!! LOL. EPIC FAIL!!!! plus it does say “times square” on the building

So this is the supposedly real times square picture… Take 2!

We decided to go into Toys r’ us.. So I could use the restroom & they have a ferris wheel! in the store!!!

4$ to ride that… which we’ll do next time.

Finally, there’s Spiderman! I was looking for him while I was on the train. hahaha.

Lego NY hat

Umm, don’t know what that building is… Its’s the same green top that I took picture off.

Lego Statue of Liberty

Barbie dolls.

I ❤ the movie Tangled..

But this picture of him holding her hair, kinda makes him look like he “Owns” her.

Definitely getting me this pillow when I go back to Toys r us (:

We left the house at 12pm, got home at around 10… So we practically walked A LOT!!! haha It was fun and exciting, actually exploring New York by foot.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Destination: Sax 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Cener

Status: Just walked explored the area

On the 7 train. It was an above train, which I liked because I could see

I’m guessing thats… Manhattan Bridge? Which I must go on/see close up!

Sooo, instead of getting off at the intended stop, we decided to get off “Grand Central Station” too find that main place where they always film at… like in commercials or friends with benefits where they did the flash mob.

The ceiling is filled with the astrology signs

When we got out of the station, we saw a cupcake place and kind of got pulled in by the gravity of the cupakes.. lol

Ummm, don’t judge, but we spent 10$ for all the flavors of  cupcakes!!! They weren’t even normal cupcake sized, not even mini, but “mini mini’ cupcakes!!! -_-

Love the contrast of nature and man made

 Saw the sign saying “99 CENT PIZZA” from afar, thinking it would be “99 cents soda if you buy a pizza” kind of advertisement, but NOOOOO. It was actually 99cents, well 1$ per cheese pizza slice; thats close enough! So we got 2 slices each.

Just thought of the Katt William joke about parents using this bag…

Walking towards Bryant Park to eat our pizza and cupcakes

The 99 cents pizza deal made up for the 10$ cupcakes!

Also me and Elaine cut each cupcake in half and had a “cupcake tasting” experience. Figuring out what each cupcake flavor was, so we didn’t feel so bad when we bought the cupcakes for 10$ haha.

Contrast of nature & city

We decided to go in the New York Library to check it out!

I can’t remember, but did they film “The day after tomorrow” scene here?!

The actual park… We were eating our lunch by the library side of Bryant Park

Bryant Park


We went exploring…

Build a Bear Workshop: New York bears

Totally visited Nintendo World!!!

“Pikkka Pikka” ❤

Mario Brothers = ❤


Rockefeller Center

Nbc store


Lego Store

We were walking towards Central Park, because I wanted to go there…

& I swear, if you smell horse poop while walking and its getting stronger, you’re getting closer to central park! hahaha. (didn’t get to go in central park because it was dark)

I felt accomplished because I actually navigated me and Elaine from Rockefeller Center to this diner which was close to Central park… Well with the help of my navigator. hahaha.

OMG! Despite this costing 20$, this “Macaroni & Cheese” was  amazing!

Brooklyn Buffalo Wings

We left the house at 12pm, got home at around 10… So we practically walked A LOT!!! haha

Monday, September 26, 2011

Destination: FIT, Fashion District

Soo we were traitors & visited FIT.

We wanted to get some information about admission. It’s campus is not so fancy as FIDM, but their tuition prices, I can’t complain… If I known about FIT and visited, I probablly  would have gone there. Especially live there for a year to get residency and get lower tuition, but it’s too late. I’m at FIDM, and I can’t transfer to FIT because theres no point in doing that…

Not sure what that was but it looked cool

Macy’s… I’m assuming this is where the Thanks Giving parade is… but I’m not sure.

Soooo, Thats Empire State Building…

I needed to find some trims & came across this place. OMG. Feathers! (:

Today was the 1st time me and elaine came home early about 5ish compared to 10 at night &

this is the 1st time I didn’t take a lot of pictures!

Well, this post is my “Part 1” of New York. I’ve been exploring for 3 days now and got a lot of footage (as you can tell with my pictures).

I got about 1 more week left in New York, and there’s still a lot to see.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures (:

Ohh, wait. I still have more pictures to show you!!! I took about 400+ pictures & divided them up into 2 more other categories…

So I’ll be posting up pictures of street art and buildings of NY, so keep watch for them (:


One thought on “Hellllllo New York!!! [Part 1]

  1. Amazing pix….I wish I could explore NYC too. Possibly someday, when my two daughters could afford to pitch in for that something ” special gift “….hehehe

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