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North Carolina: Day 4 (Last day)

Soo here is the FINAL posting for my trip to North Carolina!

Gonna keep this short with words & more of pictures again.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Cotton Inc

Tc2 (square)




Fun Fact: Cotton inc is a NOT FOR PROFIT Organization!!!!!

When they said that I was like, omg? “how does a big company like that work as a not for profit?”

They said that they get donations for their budget & also they get money from tax that cotton farmers pays.

We watched a powerpoint presentation about cotton

Performance fabrics: Cool techonology


Some new textiles

Glow in dark

Knit fabric

Career wear fabric: Patterns on fabric help camouflage wrinkles



Before: Swatch on top left

After: Pant


Process of Cotton to Yarn



Slub yarn= slub fabric

The different coloration in yarn causes the effect of splotches of contrast when knitted


To yarn dye consistantly: Have to dye from the middle so it color seeps all the way through to the outside

(there is PVC look alike pipe with wholes in them in the middle of the metal stick)

*Cotton Inc. has some machinery that are “Environment”, meaning they try to be “sustainable” & reduce water waste.

Printed denim designs (I noticed a G-star pants had a printed finish on their denim jeans)


This textile has a water repellent finish

You can move the fabric around all you want and the water won’t stick to fabric, it will just roll around










Get graph of body

& you can create your personal avatar

Victoria secret uses this scanner as for their Fit Models




at airport

Chicken Wrap w/ fries

Turtle Caramel New York Cheesecake


Sorry I didn’t really explain a lot of the pictures! Comment if you have any questions.


Now I can start blogging about my New York trip!!!

Stay tuned (:

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