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North Carolina: Day 3

I’m backed up on blogging, so I need to get finish posting my pictures from North Carolina so that way I can post about New York on time…

Soo here it goes. I’m going to try to keep the words short, and leave more pictures…

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Cone Denim Mills

Lunch: Natty Greens

& VF Jeanswear

Dinner: Mez




Cone Mill Trucks

An awesome group of talented people! (:



Spinning yarns in their bundle




Product of Loom; 58″ Denim fabric

45″ Denim Loom

Bulk of finished denim fabric

Denim loom with custom selvage: High end trend

Finishing: Getting rid of crinkles by steaming

Crisp Denim

Steaming Denim

** Couldn’t take pictures in the dyeing room, but it just had the denim fabric being rolled into indigo dye and then going through a process where it “oxidizes” in the air to get the dark indigo color.


The area we were at

We ate at Natty Greene’s

I guess their known for their beer

The chicken I got was AMAZING!!! Grilled chicken with bbq sauce, topped with bacon and cheese!

Ohh, & I realized that almost all the southern dishes I’ve had consisted of potato salad…lol

Loved the  “Just Be” part

Outside the food place

The train w/ graffiti on them

Stars on the parking lot walls



VF Jeanswear is the largest publicly owned apparel company in the world. Under the jeanswear division there are lots of denim brands such as Wrangler, Lee, Riders, Rustlers, and 7 for All Mand Kind. They design, manufacture and market branded apparel.

They have an area in North Carolina called “Service Center” where they have a cut and sew room, laundering area, and denim finishing area to create samples/prototypes.

Gerber Cutter: Only for prototypes.

This cutter cuts up to 16 plys of fabric

The machine uses a vacuum technique to hold down the fabric when cutting.

Pieces are cut

Then you start taking pieces out


Rolls of denim fabric for sampling

The different colors of threads

Specialized sewing machines: I wish I had a sewing machine that does eveything!

Some trims; I’m guessing elastics

Embroidering machine



Pocket machine: Clip fabric into place

This makes life easier when making pockets!

It automatically folds its sides

Needle starts sewing by using the pocket template

(They also have specialized machinery that does belt loop bartacks & makes automatic hems!)


They also print out sizing stickers for the pants


Templates for whiskering

They have a book that contains the different styles of denim and the location of where things needs to be worked on.

Denim samples


Laundry area: where they do their dyeing or stone washing of garments

They put Pummel Stone”  (the bags on the right) in the wash with the denim goods to make the stonewash effect

Other brands under VF





Dinner: MEZ

Mexican resturant

SWEEEET Corn Soup.


I ❤ legit mexican fooood!; Non of this taco bell stuff!

Just one more post on my North Carolina trip!!! Then I can start blogging about New York

Hope you enjoyed my pictures  (:

If you have any questions… “Put your comments beloow”-Ray William Johnson


2 thoughts on “North Carolina: Day 3

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  2. Krystal, I enjoy viewing all the pix. Comments you made are very informative. I feel like I was part of the group….Thanks for sharing your wonderful educational experiences.

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