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North Carolina: Day 2

Okay, so I took a lot of pictures during my trip… beware this post contains many pictures from the 1st day we officially started our adventure through North Carolina…

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

So I had to wake up at 5:20 AM because we had to be downstairs at breakfast at 6:15. The hotel provided free breakfast, which was pretty good, especially french toast & fruits!

We left our hotel & headed for Dystar in Reidsville. Dystar is a full solution service provider that sells dyes and services for all stages in production chain. They create ideas to manufacture end products by divisions with Textile dyes, Chemicals and Color communication services.

To get to Dystar, we had almost a 2 hour drive. We were on the freeway for a really long time and all I saw were trees after trees. Despite being half asleep in the car, I couldn’t close my eyes and take it away from the window because I wanted to see everything! Even if it was… trees after trees after trees… It kind of was relaxing & refreshing. What sucked was staring out in the distance and then I see a worthy picture moment and it passes by because we were driving fast and I wasn’t to quick to pull out my camera.

After getting off the freeway, we hit the country side. I mean the country country! Where there were soo much land, which I loved, because I love nature. Since we had a lot of quiet time in the van (half the car were asleep and the other half were silent), I thought to myself and imagined living in the country with a cute looking house, with a big family, a barn, animals, pretty views, but once I started seeing abandon barns and houses, I thought of the scenes from scary movies, such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That kind of ruined my whole image of living in the country now.

Well sorry, I wrote a lot (I’m not even finish talking yet, I will continue though).

Here are the pictures!

Ummm…. Sorry North Carolina, I just judged you a little. lol.


Country Roads

I love random paths like these!

Seeing all these trees, made me think of that scene in Twilight where Edward left Bella. “Edward, Edward!” HAHAHA. She kinda looked crazy looking for him because obviously he was long gone!

More Country

Sorry, more country, I promise.. theres more then just “country” pictures!!!


“Little house on the Prairie” ( btw, I loved reading those books when I was younger. lol)


Texas Chain saw massacre.. I think so… lol

Freeway… ummm, way different compared to the city


OKAY, Now heres where the goooood stuffs starts! (:

Finally reached Dystar

Samples of denim styles Dystar does

The Laundry: Where they dye & wash their denims

The balloon machine thingy? lol

You put the jeans over and  inflate it with air so you can start doing things to the jeans


Different levels of “back-staining” of denim dye

This wheel was amazing!!! All the pockets around the circle all started from the middle pocket denim base!  The different colors around the circle are done by different dye/washes/etc.

When you flip the pockets over, it tells you what chemicals they used to create that color

Bleaching method: It shows the different levels of coloration when bleaching. Started from the dark denim and ended to the really light denim


An example of a whole Denim Wash Process

1. Sanding technique: blowing up jeans with whisker templates between

2. Sanding the whiskers to get the shape

3. Twisting pant leg & putting them in pocket

4. Stuffing denim through a pvc pipe to get into the “sock”

5. Measuring the chemicals needed for the wash

6. Putting chemicals in place

7. Putting denim & special rocks in washer (rocks breaks up fiber in denim to make it softer)

8. Closing washer with additional special lid so the glass door doesn’t crack

9. Once done washing, cut zipties & take out denim

10. Here’s the denim stone washed

11. Put jeans in dryer

(BEFORE the whole process)

12. AFTER: “TA-DA!!!” Heres the finished denim

See the white lines, those were caused by twisting the pant legs & putting it in the back pocket

I wanted to distress the denim, so I used a drummel; Front



Spiderweb effect

Putting this special paste on denim

Need to put in oven for about 30 mins so paste can dry

*Here is the one I pasted on

Put dryed fabric on balloon tube so the paste can crack

Once crack, spray the dye

Wait till dry. Put in washer to take off medium. Then put in dryer.

“TA-DA”; Spiderweb effect.

Pretty Cool huh?


Spiderweb style using Potassium permanganate (white color)


3 D Whiskers (the crinkly part of you denim)

Put denim in resin liquid… Scrunch denim & Heat with machine

Whiskers are hardened & needs to be put in oven to be cured…

Once done, put back on balloon machine

Sand whiskers

Put back in wash & dryer to finish


Rag Bleach technique: Soak rag cloth in bleach, put rag in with denim in washer (without water)

This is the finished product of the rag bleach effect. The original denim color was full on dark pink. So all the white parts of the denim are caused by the tumbling rag fulled of bleach.

Soooo pretty much our whole day was playing around at Dystar.

Learned a lot and seen a lot, it was such an amazing experience!

Now you have some insight on how a denim can look the way it looks and understand why some denim with those finishes cost expensive because of the many steps needed in order to get the finished result.

Well that tooook forever to write about & I still have Wednesday & Thursday to blog about!

So I’ll probably be blogging a new post tomorrow, I hope.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures  (:

If you have any questions… “Put your comments beloow”-Ray William Johnson

One thought on “North Carolina: Day 2

  1. Amazing how they torture the cloth to come up with “tortured and stressed clothing” so they can sell the damaged materials for a premium haha. I am 53 years old, and in the good old days, you have to be wrinkle-free, spotless, stainless and your clothing stiff with starch to be called “presentable” to the rest of society.

    Times have really changed. I was crawling the web looking at some sites for tide coupons compared to many many sites with recipes for home made detergents and “green” solutions.

    The search for led me here to your tortured jeans. The pictures are actually rather nice and thank you for taking the time to show them. Cheers

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