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North Carolina Trip

A list of some words to describe my past couple days…

  • crazy
  • hectic
  • time consuming
  • interesting
  • funny
  • fun
  • sleepy
  • insightful

My trip to North Carolina was from the 19th-22. It was an amazing experience!

It’s exciting how my adventure is still continuing…  I’m currently blogging this new post in New York!!!  I’ll be staying here for 2 weeks, which means  I’ve got a lot of things to do…

I took lots of pictures from North Carolina and will be posting them up as soon as I get half a day’s worth of sleep!

Done & seen some cool things in North Carolina. Can’t wait to show them with you, so I’ll definitely post them up tomorrow; depending if I’m not tired from my 1st days agenda for New York!!!

Here’s a short preview of what’s to come before I catch up on my well deserved sleep!

North Carolina: Day 2

Traveling through the rural areas

Dystar denim

Creating 3D whiskers

North Carolina: Day 3

Cotton Mills Factory


Denim fabric machine

North Carolina: Day 4 (Last day!)

Themes/trends for following  spring 2012 etc

Cotton bumdles…

-________- I need some sleep now. so bye (:

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