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North Carolina: Day 1

So I had the opportunity to go on a FREE trip to North Carolina for moving to round 2 in the Cotton Incorp. Denim Scholarship Competition at FIDM. We have a big group of talented students and I’m glad to be surrounded by them.

Monday, 19th: Day 1

So the Supershuttle bus picked me up at 4:30 in the morning. Our flight was at 7:55 so I had to make sure I go early to by pass the crowd. I didn’t know that  it gets busy at LAX at 5 in the morning. Airports make me nervous, especially when I’m going somewhere new and on my own because I’m afraid of getting lost. I’m glad that I saw my new friend Sam who also was going on the trip because he knew where we were going.

Anyways, we flew Delta and to tell you the truth, Delta was not my favorite airplane carrier...

  1. They took forever to depart
  2. They had no headrest to support your head
  3. Need to pay for your meal
  4. Didn’t give blankets or pillow
  5. Took forever to get off plane
  6. Advertising “Wifi” around the whole plane, but you have to pay 12$ to access it!

I always fly Hawaiian airline, so maybe I’m spoiled by their service because there’s nothing that I can complain about them (well they don’t have free wifi)… but anyways if you do plan to fly, possibly avoid Delta. Just FYI.

So we flew to Atlanta, Georgia then flew to Raleigh, North Carolina.

BTW, it’s my 1st time flying to North Carolina!!! Which was super exciting for me because that means that I’ve been to 14 states so far! I need 36 more states to travel to…

Our hotel is pretty awesome. Comfortable bed! Fluffy Pillows! Free Wifi! hence I’m blogging about the trip. Also, free breakfast.  Microwave, Fridge, & coffee machine area also provided.

For dinner, we ate this one Italian Restaurant close by our hotel. I’m sure we were all hungry from traveling since we didn’t really have a decent meal. We had a budget of 20$ and of course I took advantage of that, so I got the Lobster Ravioli with shrimp and crabmeat, which was DELISH!!!

Free bread


Lobster Ravioli

Sadly, that’s all the pictures I took throughout the day because I had crappy seats on the plane. So I couldn’t take pix while flying 😦

***Continuation- North Carolina: Day 2

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