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I’m really thankful I had the opportunity to go to Disneyland this year! The last time that I went to Disneyland was last September with my roomies Elaine, Stephanie & Grace to celebrate finishing our 1st quarter of college. Last year to get to Disneyland, we left around 6 am to catch the bus from DTLA to Anaheim which took us about 2-3 hours to get there because we were “poor unfortunate souls” who didn’t have a car!!! & To make our monies worth, we stayed till closing.

So when we left for Disney this Saturday, we got there around 10. My cousins cousin had the PREMIERE DISNEYLAND PASS so we got FREE parking and discount for food. 

Sidenote: The only way for me to get a Disneyland pass is…

  1. I have a job – you can pay monthly! (How convenient)
  2. Have a Disneyland buddy/groupie (I don’t want to be a loner)
  3. Have a car (unless my buddy has a car)

So, if the Stars are align (not like in Hercules) I WILL get my Disneyland pass (:

Even though I went to Disneyland last year, I got to go on rides that I missed, got to see areas that I didn’t see, & got to see some new changes at Disney.

FYI, I’m fan of STARWARS, so I really enjoyed “Star Tours!!!” At that moment during the ride, I wished my life was 3D & I lived in space. hahaha. [:

Tips when going to Disneyland…

  • Go when it Opens, Leave when Closes; make the most out of your money
  • If you are wearing shoes, bring a pair of slippers (“flip-flops”) so u can use them when you ride the water rides; you’ll prevent your shoes from being soaked! (it is not a great feeling having your shoes wet & especially walking in them throughout the whole day!
  • If you are riding the Grizzly River run, bring a trashbag so you can put all the bags in the middle & not worry about getting your things, especially your electronics wet
  • Chip in with your friends to but a drink/food, so you can save some money and possibly try other types of food that they have in the park
  • Go in even numbers, majority of the rides carries 4 or 6 people per ride
  • Get as much “Fast Passes” for all the rides with long lines. You can use your Fastpass even though you missed your time (you have to wait about 1hr -2hr to get another fast pass for a ride)
  • Try the CORNDOGS, Amazing!
  • Watch both World of Color show & Firework show, make sure the shows don’t collide so you can get the chance to see both!
  • Don’t try the “World of color Picnic” if you don’t like cold food, or cold chicken! haha, but you do get a special area where you sit if you buy the picnic deal
  • Rides are less wait during World of color & firework show
  • If you can’t afford Disneyland tickets at the moment, but want to have an entertaining night ( let’s say you want to go on a date or just have a good time with your friends); have dinner at the Disney’s Main St. & once your done, sit between the entrance gates to get a FREE  firework show! 

Here are some pictures from Disneyland & California Adventure Park!

Caution: Scroll at your own risk! I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you if you haven’t been to Disneyland (:

Halloween Theme : Sep- Oct

To be honest, I would not spend 9$ on these apples… 1. They look too pretty to eat, 2. expensive, & 3. I wouldn’t know how to eat it!

I’m a tigger fan, but LOVE watching Winnie the Pooh!

* For Elaine (:


I haven’t tried Jumbalya, so I got it… It was ok.. the cornbread was pretty good.

“HOT!” (:

I want to live in Minnies house!

Least favorite ride… its not even on my favorite list! lol. but it is a cute set up

Thought this was a really pretty rose!!! This is a very “stand out” symbolism type of picture

It’s so cute seeing little girls dressed up as their favorite princesses!

I love love loved the hearts on the bridge! If I had a bridge, it would be exactly like this.

Mothers who looses their children in Disneyland for a few seconds= VERY SCARY! hahaha.

This slogan is new ( for me)

One of the new rides that I got to go on

Definately going to disneyland next year.. Anyone wanna go with me?!

The Ariel Ride=AMAZING!!!

The Construction of the characters look SOOO real!!! (If only they had this ride when I was a kid, I would’ve thought that the characters where the real deal!)

I love this scene! ❤

One of my favorite rides! (Get fast passes for this ride!)

World of Color!

Firework Show!

Thank you Manang Georgette, Manong Ronald, Shannon & Naomi for everything! (:

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