Adventure / Los Angeles / Photography

Hidden Treasures

One thing I love about walking around LA or anywhere on foot rather then car or bus, is finding  random street art! It’s like hidden treasures & in that moment of finding it, it makes me happy…

Took picture today-Looks like Kirby…



I was walking with my friend to get some coffee at Kelly and go to Fashion district & while walking back to my place, I saw this in an alley! I just NEEDED to stop and take a picture of it!!!

( I recently came across a book in the graphics section at school called “Post No Bills” about Shepard Fairey, “Obey” & it was a pretty interesting book. It provides us photos of the “Manifestation” of Obey all around the country & in all these random places.)

On my way back from Santee Alley

I was on my way to a volunteer event in Melrose and the bus had supposedly finished it’s route a few block before my stop!!! So I had to get off and walk like 30-40 mins in the hot sun to get there… but despite that hassle, I was on an unexpected adventure & found the walk to be pleasant because I would find these art to entertain me… I need to visit Melrose more often!





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