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Fashions Night Out: Beverly Center

Soooo this was my second time attending Fashions Night Out at the Beverly Center…. (Why did it have to land on the 2nd Thrusday?! I missed Art Walk :c ) Last year I was a volunteer and it was a pretty amazing experience… It was one of my 1st encounters of seeing “celebrities” since I still was new to living in Los Angeles. Last year I was fortunate to work the gift bag area and with that job I got to stand really close to the celebs… I saw Will.I.Am, Perez Hilton, “Stephanie Pratt”, Angelica Huston, Sara Rue, & Mena Suvari..

This year, I was planning to volunteer, but I wanted to experience FNO as a normal person because I’m so restricted when I’m a volunteer. Also, I wanted to take some pictures and post them on my blog! Which I’m doing right now…

My friends were volunteers, so I ventured out on my own…. went pretty crazy with shopping for clothes/accessories because I swear, the only shopping I’ve done recently and often is for groceries!!! I hope my dad doesn’t get mad that I spent around 70$… at least I’m helping the economy & everything I bought was.. a must!!! (:

Back to the FNO event, it was different from last years… This year they had more security and was organized better. Not much celebrities…This year the only people that were “OMG!” status were Randy Jackson & Nicole Richie.… there was Lisa Love (vogue editor) for you fashion people…

There were 2 fashion shows and sadly my camera ran out of memory and died after the 1st show!!!  The second fashion show had some great outfits from Bebe, Bloomindales, Guess, Macys… I wish my camera was alive for this!!!

For the second fashion show, me and my friends got to cross the blocked off ropey thingys because they needed fillers… Felt pretty legit. lol. Also for the second fashion show, there were some Glee CastsLauren (Ashley Fink), the principle and that nerdy guy with the fro.


Here are some pictures from tonight!

FYI, Seeing the Press Photographers with their fancy camera made me envy them!!! I seriously need an upgrade so I can fit in.

Seriously, if I’m here next year for FNO & have a car/have a friend with a car, I’m definitely going to hit up Rodeo & Melrose!!! Thats where its at…

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