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MODE Mag Launch Party: Stylist Fashion Show

So yesterday there was the MODE Magazine Launch Party event at the fancy 1010 Wilshire Rooftop. Me and my roommate Cynthia participated in the Stylist Showcase where we would style a look for our model, which of course was our girl Johanna… With styling her we needed to incorporate a fabric given by the MODE and we chose a blue organza fabric.

Johanna wanted us to style her in her bikini and while doing some research for inspiration, we came up with paring it up with a long sarong. We searched our loft to find things that we could use. We had left over fabrics and thank goodness I pulled out my feather trims because it help us figure out what theme we were going for“Wild Thang/Jungle fever”! (you’ll understand it once you see the look)

As girls we did leave our place a bit later then intended and had to fast walk to the 1010 because the stylist showcase was at 8:00. We were all panting and sweating our makeup off to the top of the rooftop and on top of that, we had to put her into her look and the clock was tickin… So glad that we prepped a “styling kit” ( my fanny pack) with the necessities… double sided tape, bobby pins, pins, and well that’s pretty much all we needed to do our thang….

So to get to the point…

Here are the pictures c;

Styling Johnna’s outfit. Accessorizing her hair with lots of bobby pins & feathers

WOOOOP there it is!!!! Our “Wild Thang/Jungle Fever” loook c;

There it is again!!! hehe…

LOOK AT THE FEATHERS that we used as a necklace piece!!!!!!

(btw, they are real feathers… and quite expensive)


Johanna workin the runway!

Here’s Ms. Carrrrie London! ❤

The rose petal dress was cute!

My girl Rebecca’s look #1 with Jamie workin it!

Rebecca was that awesome, that she created TWO looks! AMAZING LOOKS!

Ummm…. yeah, look at those…. Details on her dress!!! hahaha.

(btw, the model was doing her runway walk & i did not know that this picture was going to be sooo close up) lol

Back detail… pretending to hear the spelling of “G.L.A.M…” part in Fergie’s song.

Johanna, Cynthia, & Me (:

Wish I caught the other stylist looks, but my camera was being weird…

Anyways, it was a gooood night. Showed  our look & danced the night away with my favorite girls!!!

2 thoughts on “MODE Mag Launch Party: Stylist Fashion Show

    • Thanks! I see that you don’t have the Cloud, it’s a widget if you wanted one… & No problem! I’m sure you’ll have a fun time… Ohhh, definitely get your camera ready for the MALE MODELS!!! (: that’s my favorite part. hehehe.

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