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Magazine Cover

So our homework for computer technology 2 class (“Photoshop Class”)  was to do a magazine cover… We got packet of instructions of what to do. It said to do a “VOGUE” cover… & I was a rebel! like always... but then again, my teacher did approve when I asked him if we can do something different.. So it doesn’t make me much of a rebel anymore… haha.

Anyways, I wanted to branch out and be “different” because seriously… “VOGUE?!”…All I had to do to make a “Vogue” Magazine cover was to…

  1. just find a really nice picture of some celebrity
  2. add all these “Titles/Headings..etc”
  3. There is no “Step Three” because it is DONE! hahaha.

(I hope I don’t offend my fellow classmates…i was in the moment & trying to be funny c;)

For me, I took the challenge to do more then what was expected. That’s just how I roll..

I could’ve made the magazine in like 1o mins if I followed the given instructions, but it took me about 45mins- 1 hour… I know, that’s a lot of time to put in, but because I am the way I am, I take into considerations some “design” placements… (I’m quite “OCD”, “Perfectionist” when it comes to designing) haha.

So, I’m into sustainable fashion, “Go Green”, recycable anything... & decided to do a “Green” issue.. Sorry MODE Magazine, I kind of jacked your essence… well, lets just say you inspired me! (:  haha.

I found this amazing picture when googling “Recycled Fashion” & this dress was made out of NEWSPAPER!!! You probablly seen this consept before, but omg, its beautiful!

(link of full picture & to aknowledge that the picture isn’t mines…)

Here’s my “IMPRESS MAGAZINE” Cover!!!

-I titled my magazine “Impress”... because you should “Make an Impression.”

“Impress” people with your talents, skills, whatever you got…. (Just like how I’m trying to impress you people.)

-Look at the barcode! It’s pretty awesome! (… I found it on “google”)

-Color Scheme: Greens/Browns/Earthy Tone

-Program used: Adobe Photoshop

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