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Target market Project: Pre-boy 4-7 Apparel

I just finished homework for my Sourcing & Inventory Management class that is due on Tuesday Morning!!!
I finished my tech sketches & line sheet layout yesterday,
then today I had to do all 6 cost sheets, finalize line sheet, PR piece, & cover letter…

***A tip for you college students, or persons in general (if you don’t do this).. Make “To do/ Task sheets”!

It really helps keep you organized, focused, and makes life a little more easy going. Rather then being unorganized on what things you have to get done. Sometimes you may loose track of what needs to be done and  in time, I’m sure you’d turn crazy. Also prioritize what things needs to be done first and focus on getting those done asap...

If I didn’t make my “Task sheet” for my homework, I would’ve gone crazy!!! I had to break down each part of the homework to it’s simplest form that way, when I’m done with one thing, I can check it off, and it shows me how much more things I need to get done…and you just keep on going till you checked every thing off.. One more thing… “KEEP CALM & CARRY ON, or eat a cupcake!” ( I had to deal with 9+ mini tasks today & that’s just for homework and not projects!)

Example of my task sheet (Kind of messy, I know… )

Anyways, because I did my homework a day early, I avoided the chance of an “all nighter”.… YAY!

Let me just say…

…”I would like to thank the people who made Adobe Creative suit… for giving me the tools to create cool stuffs on the computer. I would have not done this without you! Also I would like to thank music, for keeping me company and getting through the tough times!” HAHAHA!

I’m just so dang grateful that I know how to use these programs and not “cringe” or complain or stress at the thought of using it…

I have to tell you a pretty cool side story. So I was thinking of naming my company “Kryptic” (I made “Cryptic” more awesome by adding a “K”. haha) but I didn’t want it to be just “Kryptic”… So I was thinking… “Kryptic Apparel” (since I’m working with apparel). I realized I had to create a logo, and I was figuring out the placements of the “K” & “A”, then I had a… “LIGHTBULB!” moment (like Gru from the Despicable me movie)

“KAC!!! = Kryptic Apparel Company!!! =Krystal Ann Cabo!!!”

The whole point of my “brief” detail story, was that my Logo consisted of my company name & my initials, which was just “Mind Blowing!” hahaha.


This is my Line sheet.

This is my “Cover Letter” for the buyers

[It was called for letter to be 3/4 page, DS, 12 pt….but I decided to use InDesign because I wanted to make this more like a letter and of course more artsy, compared to just a normal word document.]

This is my “PR Piece” on my company

[I admit, its’s kinda girly… I need to “industrialize/man it up” later]


2 thoughts on “Target market Project: Pre-boy 4-7 Apparel

  1. OMG Krystal, you make me proud. I reallly love your company name and logo. Can you TM (Trade Mark) it in future ahead. I love reading your articles. You’re funny and smart.

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