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Heal the Bay: Beach Clean Up

Just letting you know, I’m a fan of philanthropy work!!!

Last Saturday, a few of the AATCC: Fashion Industry Club board members volunteered with the Heal the Bay Beach Clean up at Will Rodgers.  At the event, there was Ford’s ” Drive One 4 Ur Beach” where they would donate $50 for every person in the test drive car. So we were able to help raise 200$ for Heal the bay!!! We didn’t have much trash to pick because there were a lot of people cleaning up the beach, but it was a fun bonding event.

If you are interested in volunteering for Heal the Bay, I suggest you should try it. Give back to the community. Clean our beaches.

Check out Heal the Bay Website!!!


Here are some pictures from that day.

I love seeing small children taking action and helping out with a good cause. It’s inspiring!

I thought this was very cute! I’m definitely going to be that parent who take’s their kids to volunteering events (:

I love these birds… They are so interesting! lol

“Clean up clean up, everybody clean up.”

2 thoughts on “Heal the Bay: Beach Clean Up

  1. Yes, I agree w/Karo G. you’ve got a very interesting blog…I’m your #1 fan (yes I know..I am your very proud mommy…hehehe)

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