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MODE Magazine: Trash To Treasure

So tonight I attended the MODE Magazine Photoshoot workshop/ Stylist & Model training. We had a Clothing Swap event last week and got to play with the left over clothing that was collected. There was a great turnout; lots of stylists eager to get creative.

The photoshoot was legit. We had a grey backdrop, lighting tools, and camera guys…  Also there was dubstep muisc playing to set the mood. FYI, the graphic (camera) guys were hillarous! They knew what they were doing and it just made me more envious of their big professional camera! One day soon, I’ll get an upgrade so that way I can shoot…

Here are some of the shots from today!

The group of stylists working with their model…
The pile of clothing’s that we went through to work with
The photoshoot setup

My Girl Johanna, isn’t she Gorg?!

To be honest, this was my favorite outfit! Congrats on the stylists, they did an amazing job!

The headband was so adorable.

Omg, I thought this was amazing…amazingly hot! Jason looked like “Ken/Ryu” from Street Fighters!
(“Aduke, Aduke, Aduke” lol)


Awww, look at Chase… He’s soo cute; with his pastel outfits and ice cream tie & his hair all tamed!

Sojie working that Swag

Loved this outfit! Complementary colors, and that bow! Amazing!

Loved this outfit, & the skirt… cute!

Ohh yeah… “Sexy, Stylish, Nerds!”(: My glasses made him nerrrdy!
Skirt turned into a dress. Yay for creativity!
Loved this Asian inspired kimono dress & the coloring of the purple and red surprisingly worked.

“Pretend your an Ambercrombie Model” (showed his abs)-Photographer 1
” Seriously, it’s like your photoshopped!” -Photographer 2

Loved this duo and the yellow


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