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Denim Scholarship Competition

So I finished my entry for the competition and turned it today!

Seeing what I’ve accomplished both physically and mentally made me feel really happy. If I do get to round 2 Finalist, I get to go to North Carolina for a week, but that would collide with my trip to New York… Well that sucks, but then again, I don’t want to get my hopes up; don’t want that disappointment.

All I know and should be thinking about is that I should be grateful at the work that I’ve done. This is not homework, it’s something on the side, so being able to take on this project and having a pretty good turnout is pretty awesome. Plus if I don’t go to round 2, I can always use this as another portfolio piece…

“Trans4ming Jumpsuit”

4 Different Looks of what a jumpsuit could be

Concept: Detachable pieces

Color story inspiration: Stars in universe

Additional details: Woven back for 2-d texture & colored stitching to blend 2 garment colors together

1st Look: Primary Piece-Full Jumpsuit

2nd Look: Sleeveless Jumpsuit

3rd Look: Halter Jumpsuit

4th Look: Strapless Jumpsuit

Here are pix of my entry…

Visual Presentation: 11×17 Board

Program used: Photoshop & Illustrator

Fabric Swatch

1st Swatch-6×12: Woven construction detail

2nd Swatch-12×12: Solid brown

3rd Swatch-12×12: Brown w/ Orange spatters [Process: Spraying technique w/ bleach]

4th Swatch- 12×12: Cloudy Blue [Process: Spraying technique w/ bleach]

All the components of my entry

Visual board, Swatch, & Write-up

2 thoughts on “Denim Scholarship Competition

  1. Great job Krystal, I like your presentation. Very creative. showing all your final pieces and write up including showing a sneak peak of your laptop is very creative…my opinion, Well done… 🙂

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