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Welcome to Miniland!

This part of Legoland was amazing!

There were lego pieces being used to build scenes from places such as Washington DC , California,New York, & Las Vegas! It was fun looking close and seeing all the small details. What was even more fun is when there were props in the scene that moved such as cars, trains, & boats. At first, I was going to skip this part of the park, but I’m so glad I didn’t…

If you do go to legoland, look closely at every detail. You’ll get a sense of what some characters represent and what their story was.

Washington DC

San Francisco


Las Vegas

I love finding couples, it’s soo cute! (:

Another Couple!


New York

Doesn’t it all look so real?! It’s so crazy!!!

*Seeing the New York scenes made me super excited because I’ll be visiting there for the 1st time in September!!!

(& I’ll be taking pictures of the real deal!)

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