Adventure / Family / Food / Los Angeles / Photography

Adventure time!

It’s sad that I have no family in California… So I  love it when they  visit me!

Today my cousin and her family arrived this afternoon.

We decided to get to it & start the “Adventure!”.

Fashion District: Bought some hair accessories & a hat! Can I say “Score! (cheap prices)”

-Santa Monica Pier Parking Lot: Walked to pier

          -Bubba Gump for Lunch: Which btw, was my 1st time! The food and atmosphere was great!

-Chilled at the pier, watch niece go on rides, & walked back to parking lot area

Attempt to go to Griffith Observatory to take picture of the Hollywood Sign, but instead weaved down the road (Very Very crowded due to an event going on at the Greek)

-Attempt to see Hollywood Sign… (Navigated to “Hollywood Sign”, & didn’t realize the we were driving right towards the sign because the sign apparently didn’t glow at night!!!)

Drove on Hollywood Blvd...

-Finally found Thai BBQ by Universal City for dinner

Here’s pictures from today’s adventure! (:

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