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Celeb Spotted: Sarah Michelle Geller

A “little” bird (my fabulous friend Johanna), told me that Sarah Michelle Geller was filming next to Grand Hope Park… She was filming her show “Ringer” which was based in NY. Johanna said she was going to “stalk her” because she was a big fan of hers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I wanted to get a glimpse of her as well, and since Johanna was the “Go getter, approachable type”,  she had already talked to the people working there and knew where the closest area we can stand from the filming area…

Sarah Michelle Geller  (Blond Haired Chick)

How ironic is this?!!! NYC taxi & Los Angeles Fire Truck.. if only the NYC wording wasn’t blocked, it would’ve been a way better picture!

I was passing this while on the crosswalk and was like “omg! I need to take picture of this!” …  since I already had passed it,

I waited till I could walk back and stood in the middle of the crosswalk to take this picture!

This picture totally foreshadows my 1st trip to NEW YORK!!!  I’m so excited!!!

Here’s more pictures…

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