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Hiking Ferndell

PTK had a hiking social and of course I had to go because I love nature and seeing new places.

We didn’t hike Runyon this time, but we hiked the Ferndell trail which is right below Griffith Observatory.

It was a surprisingly short hike compared to Runyon, but it still was an intense hike. Once we reached Griffith, I just pictured that scene in Charlies Angel (Full Throttle) where they were all shot by Demi Moore and landed on the ground.

Since it was my first time at Griffith and especially hiking to get there made me feel so accomplished!

Btw, if you do go hiking and plan a picnic after. Try to avoid buying Ralph’s whole chicken, unless its already cut… Apparently bee’s like chicken. It was so weird and funny how bee’s were the first to ever give me a hard time when trying to get some chicken! lol

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3 thoughts on “Hiking Ferndell

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