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Who knew it would be benifical…being curious at a young age…

My Photoshop Story…

Because I was dork and spent a lot of time during middle school on the computer during the whole Aznavenue, Xanga, Myspace phase,  I had taught myself how to use  html and css codes to tweak out my pages to make them look what I thought was cool. Eventually I found my love for Graphic Arts!!

I was curious on how people made cool background images and these cute Icons and pictures that people would post on their pages, so I started to imitate these creative guru’s; researching what programs to use and came across Corel Paint Shop Pro… I begged my mother to spend $160-ish on that Program & my crazy creation stage began. Let’s just say that I spent many many many hours on the computer designing things. I don’t even remember reading the instruction manual, it was more on looking up tutorials and by trial and error.

Down the line (9th grade), I was finally united with Adobe Photoshop due to taking up an elective at school called Tech Images, which was a graphic design class … Despite Photoshop being tricky at first, I was familiar with what I was doing even though half the time I didn’t know fully what the sole reason behind symbols and words I was clicking were… to me, I just knew the button’s purposes on the effect of my design.

Anyways, to make this story short, even though I wrote quite a bit…because I was creative, curious, and a self learner, I’ve found a passion for something (designing/graphic arts) at a young age.  Crazy as it may sound, but I feel that learning paintshop pro/photoshop made me a more creative person, helped me build on my problem solving skills, and definitely help me build my foundation in my creative field/career.

What sparked this whole blurb about photoshop story is because I’m taking Computer sketching 2, which deals with learning how to use Adobe Photoshop… I see the frustration in peoples voices when they don’t get things and have ask the teacher to show them over and over what to do (In time I’m sure they will have the “ah-ha” moment)… & No, I’m not dissing my class mates and thinking I’m a know it all.. because I don’t really, I’m learning the things that I missed when I learn it by myself... But its cool that I know what I’m doing.

Anyways to get to the whole point of this post, I‘m grateful, thankful and glad that I taught myself at a young age to use Photoshop. It help me have the opportunity to win 2 graphic contests in high school (1st place in multi colored shirt design, 2nd place in heat press design), it help me stand out of my graphics class and obtain a graphic design award and a scholarship from the tech threads academy (which I invested  the money to buy myself a Mac!, which I still use today!)  it helped me create my  entrance project for FIDM, it helped me develop a t-shirt design that placed “Top Ten” for a contest etc… and it’s cool how I’m learning to do photoshop in college and can use that skill throughout my whole career! (:

With that, I had just finished my assignment for computer sketching class which was to design an invitation for a fashion show…

1st Draft

I put this together while teacher was teaching (“repeating & repeating steps”);which to my advantage of being familiar with PS, I already knew what to do…

(again, I’m not being a now it all, I’m just going ahead)

Latest (not sure if it’s my final) Revision

It’s not all that, but I’m just happy with my improvement…

*I took this picture when I volunteered for a fashion show  (Israel’s 63rd Annecersary fashion show)

& decided it was a cool picture to put on my invitation…I’m not sure who the designer is, so I can’t give credit to them for his dress design. Just know that I’m not “stealing” lol.

*P.S. I’m into charity’s and non-profits so it inspired me to create this assignment. & of course, if  your asking whats’ Ian Somerhalder Foundation? It’s a non profit created by the “Love” of my life, actor & humanitarianIan Somerhalder (Damon, the bad boy from vampire diaries) ❤ ❤ ❤

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