Arts & Craft

Craft Time!!! “One of a Kind & made with love!”

So there’s an Art Fair coming up at FIDM & I wanted to turn something in… All artwork will be auctioned and all proceeds will go to a charity…

I was thinking to do some arts&craft type of piece , making flowers  like my project that I did way back in Color & Design class…

So I started painting & cutting, making roses and leaves, decided to use these random wooden blocks that I took (free) from FIDM & make something out of it… and got carried away…

These are the materials that I found and knew they would have its purpose one day…

(To set the mood, pretend your listening to the part of the Chris brown song that says…” Look at me now..Look at me now!”) HAHA.


A Wooden  Note Holder

A Wooden Note Holder with a pen holder

 Wooden Box with lid

Pencil Holder (same Wooden Box with flip lid open)

I’m thinking of keeping these  for myself because I can use it & I THINK IT”S CUTE!  lol.

If you’re interested in one of these, let me know!

FYI; If I do make you a piece, every design won’t  be identical to my samples,  since I’m using random materials that I find…

It’s all “One of a Kind!  (:


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